New Temporary Public Policy to Support Hong Kong Residents in Canada!

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Canada reaffirms its supports for Hong Kong nationals by launching a new public policy allowing them to extend their temporary status and obtain open work permits while awaiting decisions on their permanent residence applications.

Eligibility for Open Work Permits:

  • Starting May 27, 2024, applicants who have applied for permanent residence through Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience)
  • Applicants who have held a work or study permit in the 3 years before their PR application was received

Maintaining Legal Status:

  • It’s crucial for those with temporary status, or their guardians, to actively renew their status as needed. If you submit an extension application for your work or study permit before the current one expires, your legal status is maintained until a decision is made—this is known as “maintained status.”
  • Restoration of Status: If an applicant’s temporary status expired within the last 90 days before they applied for a new open work permit, they could restore their status under this new policy. However, if the status expired more than 90 days prior, the application for the new open work permit would not be approved.

This public policy will be in effect from June 1, 2021, to August 31, 2026.

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