Canada Shaws’ President Meets with Minister Marc Miller and MP Terry Beech”

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On May 13th, Canada Shaws’ President Cellia had the privilege to meet and engage in insightful discussions with Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marc Miller and Member of Parliament Terry Beech.

Minister Miller emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing management and training for skilled workers in vital sectors like healthcare, construction, and dentistry. He outlined strategies to address labor shortages and support the successful integration of new immigrants into Canadian society.

Cellia queried Minister Miller about recent changes in Canadian immigration policies and their implications for local businesses and newcomers.

🌟 Special Mention: MP Terry Beech praised Canada Shaws for its contributions to Vancouver’s economic development and its support for new immigrants, highlighting the importance of community engagement in fostering diversity and inclusion.

📢 Canada Shaws’ Insight: Cellia believes future immigration policies should better align with Canada’s economic, social, and cultural needs, ensuring transparency and fairness in policymaking. She calls for policymakers to heed the voices of local businesses and communities to ensure policies serve national interests while supporting cultural integration. This approach not only attracts international talent but also maintains Canada’s image as an inclusive and diverse society.

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