Canada Introduces Bill C-71 to Expand Citizenship by Descent

Today immigration Minister Marc Miller announced the introduction of new legislation, Bill C-71, which aims to extend citizenship by descent beyond the first generation, addressing concerns of “Lost Canadians” and creating a more inclusive and fair citizenship system.

Key Provisions of Bill C-71:

  • Instant Citizenship for Specific Groups: Bill C-71 will grant immediate Canadian citizenship to those born abroad to Canadian parents who were themselves born abroad, prior to the act’s implementation.
  • Expansion for Adopted Children: It extends direct citizenship grants to children born overseas and adopted by Canadian parents, going beyond the first generation.
  • Residency Requirements for Parents: Parents born abroad who have or adopt children outside of Canada must have spent at least 1,095 cumulative days in Canada before their child’s birth or adoption to pass down citizenship.
  • Reinstatement for Lost Canadians: Bill C-71 will reinstate citizenship for individuals who lost it or never obtained it due to outdated provisions in previous citizenship laws. It also grants citizenship to descendants of “Lost Canadians” and those born overseas to a Canadian parent in the second or subsequent generations.

Bill C-71 seeks to rectify outdated laws by restoring citizenship to those affected and simplifying the process for future generations. If passed, it will grant automatic citizenship to those born abroad to a Canadian parent before its enactment and ensure clear, accessible pathways for citizenship by descent.

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