Why Study in Canada? Is It Really The Best?

Canada is the world rank two (2) favorite destination for international students to Study in Canada based on the Global Educations Statistic - 2022

Why Study in Canada?

Canada Ranks Second in The World for Study Abroad Destination – Based on The 2022 Official List of The World’s Top Ten Destination Countries for Studying Abroad

Study in Canada is an excellent choice and eventually the best choice for international students around the world.

International students who are planning to study abroad are encouraged to choose the most suitable and appropriate major and institution, they also need to consider which country they want to go to.

When it comes to studying abroad, it sounds like you will go to an unknown place to pursue your study and live in a totally different place where everything is going to be very different compared to your home country’s environment and living atmosphere which sometimes called as the culture shock.


It is understandable that the social atmosphere and cultural atmosphere of a country will affect all aspects of your future development. Whether it is in terms of ideas or actions, you will tend to be independent and develop your teamwork abilities naturally. Eventually, you will gain that extra value within yourself.

Recently, The Global Education (education.com) announced its official news about the annual “Top 10 countries in the world to study abroad”.

This time, education.com investigators collected survey results from 181 countries and regions, and the number of international students/prospective students interviewed exceeded 10,000!

By exploring the countries that students are prioritizing to study abroad, education.com has created the “Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad in the World in 2022” ranking, let’s take a look!

Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad in the World

Scoring Factors:

The ranking is based on the factors that students value most when choosing the destination country for studying abroad. Therefore, it does not focus on academics like QS/Thames and other rankings but focuses on the experience of students studying abroad.

Seven Indicators :

  • Teaching Quality
  • Achieve Career Goals
  • Self Development
  • Experience a New Culture or Way of Life
  • Make New Friends and Broaden Your Professional Network
  • Learn a New Language
  • Adventure

Top Ten List

Compared to the 2021’s ranking, the overall ranking has not changed much this time, and the most popular countries for studying abroad are still on the list.

Surprisingly, Canada, which has held the top spot for the past two consecutive years, does not continue to hold the top spot again this year. In 2022, the champion changed to Australia.

Australia scores 83.31 points in this year’s rating, an improvement of 3 points from last year’s rating of 81.08. Below is shown the graph statistics:

Why Study in Canada? Is It Really The Best?

The top ten on this list are :

  • Australia (83.31 points)
  • Canada (81.52 points)
  • Germany (79.94 points)
  • United States (79.08 points)
  • Switzerland (76.30 points)
  • United Kingdom (76.22 points)
  • Netherlands (73.82 points)
  • France (72.16 points)
  • New Zealand (68.70 points)
  • Spain (68.41 points)

World No. 2: Canada

In the 2022 list, Canada ranks second in the world with a total score of 81.52, with just a small decrease of 0.28 points from the 2021 score.

However, Canada once again leads the United States (79.08 points) and the United Kingdom (76.22 points) making its reputation is still second to none!


Why Study in Canada? Canada has the following advantages

Canada is very famous for its pristine natural scenery, warm and friendly local and inclusive and diverse culture.

In terms of institutions, Canadian universities are known for their technological innovation. Especially in the field of computer and information technology, famous universities include University of Toronto, McGill University, UBC University and many more.

The quality of an English-taught university education is highly comparable to universities in the US or UK. Nonetheless, the tuition fees in Canada are eventually much lower compared to the United States and United Kingdom!

Due to Canada’s multicultural policy, not only most of the locals can speak English, but one-fifth of the population’s mother tongue is French. This makes Canada also a good and favorable place to learn two languages.

Canada is one of the countries with a high integrity of education system with competitive high level of education in the world.

High-quality North American public education system, the diploma from Canada is even recognized globally!

Outside the classroom, there are abundance of nature activities, especially for nature lovers, who love to hike, climb, ski and swim across the vast wilderness. Canada is really a great place!

At the same time, Canada has a very complete social welfare system in the world, and is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world, with a beautiful learning and living environment, safe and comfortable.

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