Exclusive Channel For International Students Immigrate to Canada – 2023

The long-awaited 2022 Immigration New Deal has finally ushered in an information update . The Ministry of Immigration is studying a special channel for international students to immigrate to Canada!

Canada’s Minister of Immigration Announced New News: The Exclusive Channel For International Students to Immigrate to Canada + 5 Key Points of The New Policy

The long-awaited 2022 Immigration New Deal has finally ushered in an information update . The Ministry of Immigration is studying a special channel for international students to immigrate to Canada! At the same time, the Minister of Immigration also announced 5 “pillar approaches” to help more people immigrate faster.

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In a session of the House of Commons on September 20, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser presented a strategy aimed at helping experienced foreign workers and international students gain permanent residency in sectors currently experiencing labor shortages.

The Ministry of Immigration explores the “Exclusive channel” for international students to immigrate to Canada 

The Department of Immigration is focusing on how to help international students gain meaningful work experience while studying and help these students participate in the labor market.

A key promise announced by immigration officials is to create a clearer pathway to permanent residence for international students.


The Department of Immigration has also been testing this new channel recently. The pathway will allow some international graduates more time to stay in Canada and continue to gain work experience, paving the way for them to obtain permanent residence.

The Department of Immigration will assess the impact of the new pathway and explore alternative pathways for international graduates to obtain permanent residence, especially if their education, training or work experience can help address Canada’s emerging economic problems.

The government plans to work with provinces, territories and stakeholders to examine how the program can be improved on the basis of selection, recruitment and retention.


The 5 Pillars of the New Immigration Deal 

Sean Fraser also offered an updated strategy in Parliament that includes a five-pillar approach to help temporary residents become permanent residents of Canada.


Pillar 1: The government will meet the immigration targets in the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024. Canada is expected to welcome a record 431,645 new immigrants this year. Fraser has until November 1 to submit a new immigration levels plan for 2023-2025.

Pillar 2: The government will reform the Express Entry system to allow the Department of Immigration to invite candidates based on economic goals. This new Express Entry draw could begin in early 2023.

Pillar 3: The Department of Immigration plans to adopt the new National Occupational Classification (NOC) introduced in 2021 on November 16. This new occupational classification system will allow 16 new occupations to qualify for Express Entry and remove 3 previously eligible occupations.

The government also aims to ensure newcomers meet the necessary qualifications and link them with federal and provincial or territorial immigration programs. Remove barriers for doctors and other essential workers to immigrate, and support caregivers and agri-food workers to stay.

Pillar 4: The Department of Immigration is working to increase the number of French-speaking immigrants outside of Quebec and add a new nomination program. The government also continues to work with provinces, territories and Canadian employers on new immigration pathways.

Pillar 5: The Department of Immigration is increasing processing capacity, improving customer experience and modernizing the immigration system through technological improvements. The goal is to shorten processing times and allow newcomers to become Canadians as quickly as possible.

The latest M44 motion calls for “a comprehensive plan to expand economic immigration pathways”, but given that it is a private member’s motion, Fraser is not legally obliged to respond at all.


NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan said the Liberals’ immigration minister Fraser had nothing new in his parliamentary submissions.

“The government is offering nothing more than what is already there. The Immigration Minister has not proposed any new immigration plan to support the objectives of the M44 motion. The latest strategy lacks real practical information or detail.”

The special immigration channel for international students is being formulated! The vast number of international students must pay attention at any time, “amnesty” may come at any time!

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