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Extend your Study Permit now to extend your stay in Canada and reach your Canadian dream!

Extend Study Permit or Restore Your Status to remain in Canada!


Canadian study permit renewal means that when the study permit expires, that is, when the date reaches the expiry date on the study permit, you must stop studying and leave Canada. The expiry date is usually the length of your study program plus 90 days. You need to prepare to leave Canada or continue to extend your stay in Canada within these 90 days.

There will be a lot of questions and confusion regarding this statement. Hence, Canada Shaws provide you with this article.

Extend Study Permit or Restore Your Status Canada

If you want to renew or extend your Canadian study permit to continue studying

Things you need to know:

  • When to Apply for Renewal: Please apply for your study permit renewal at least 30 days before your study permit expires.
  • How to apply for renewal: Prepare the content required for the online application, which can be applied online.
  • What to do if your study permit has expired: If your study permit has expired and you want to stay and study in Canada, you will need to:
      1. Apply for a new study permit,
      2. Restore your temporary resident status
  • What if you travel outside Canada: the application includes the documents you need to re-enter Canada

When to Apply for a Study Permit or Visa Renewal?

You must apply for an extension at least 30 days BEFORE your study visa expires:

  • Make sure your passport does not expire at the same time, as your study visa cannot be extended past your passport’s expiry date.
  • If you apply before your study permit expires, you can continue studying under the same conditions as your current study visa until a decision is made by the Canadian Immigration. This applies as long as you remain in Canada.

How to apply for a study permit renewal if you complete your studies or graduate earlier than expected?

Your study visa will expire on whichever comes first:

  • the date indicated on the study visa or
  • 90 days after completion of studies

When does the 90 days start?

  • on the date you receive your first notification from the school (e.g. email, letter, transcript, etc.) that you have completed the course, or
  • When you earn a degree, diploma or certificate.

If you cannot prove the date you first received the school notice, Canadian immigration authorities will use the earliest issue date on the document. The respected Canadian Immigration may also confirm this date with your school.

How to renew your study permit if you finish your studies later than expected

You must apply to extend your study visa at least 30 days before the original expiry date .

What to do if your license has expired

If you want to continue studying in Canada but your study visa has expired, you need to : 

  • apply for a new study visa and
  • Reinstate your temporary resident status in Canada.

NOTE: If you apply after your permit has expired, you can stay in Canada, but you may not be able to continue your studies until your status is restored and you receive a new study permit.

If you want to stay in Canada but you are no longer studying

You have the following options – you can : 

  • apply for a work permit, if you have completed your studies and are eligible
  • apply to change your status and stay in Canada as a visitor, or
  • leave Canada

If your study visa expires and you do not apply for an extension, you must leave Canada.

If you are unsure, concern due to refusal, Canada Shaws can help you go through the entire processes of your study permit renewal.

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