[2023] Many People Come to Canada to Study – Reveal the Best Secret

Canada has been the most favorite nation among international students to come for study. Why is it? Let's reveal the secret with Canada Shaws!

Why so many people come to Canada to study?

In the past three years, Educations.com, a global education website, has conducted questionnaire surveys on international students from more than 100 countries around the world every year, and selected the “Top Ten Best Countries to Study Abroad in the Year” list.

Relying on its excellent teaching quality, superior national welfare and immigration advantages, Canada has topped the list for two consecutive years, and this year it is only slightly inferior to Australia.

If you have an idea to study in Canada, first take a look at the latest QS university rankings in 2022!

Many People Come to Canada to Study

2022 QS Ranking: Canadian Institutions

University of Toronto / 26th in the world

McGill University/ranked 27th in the world

University of British Columbia / 46th in the world

Université de Montréal/ranked 111 in the world

University of Alberta / ranked 126th in the world

McMaster University/ranked 140 in the world

University of Waterloo / ranked 149th in the world

University of Western Ontario / Ranked 170 in the world

University of Ottawa / ranked 230th in the world

University of Calgary / ranked 235th in the world

Queen’s University / ranked 240th in the world

Dalhousie University/ranked 272 in the world

Simon Fraser University/ranked 298 in the world

University of Victoria / 334th in the world

In addition to referring to the rankings, students must also start from their personal interests and passions, and choose a country and major that really suits them.

Advantages of studying in Canada

As a popular country for studying abroad, Canada attracts hundreds of thousands of international students every year, so let’s take stock today, what makes studying in Canada so attractive.

Many People Come to Canada to Study

1. High cost performance

Canada is dominated by public education. Universities are funded by the provinces, and tuition fees are relatively affordable.

The cost of studying abroad and living in Canada for one year is 150,000-250,000, which is half the cost of universities of the same level in many western developed countries.

2. Easy to get Maple Leaf Card

International students can find any employer to accumulate work experience in Canada with the graduation work permit, and apply for Canadian permanent residence through a variety of immigration projects on the basis of meeting certain conditions.

40% of Canadian international students will choose to apply to become Canadian permanent residents after graduation.

The Canadian government has always been friendly to international talents, especially for international students who have received higher education in their own country.

For example, Ontario has always given preferential treatment to international students, and graduates of all majors in Ontario can directly apply for immigration without an offer from an employer.

According to the “2022 World Migration Report”, Canada has set a three-year target of 1.3 million new immigrants: in 2022, Canada has raised this year’s immigration target to 432,000, and will increase it to 451,000 in 2024 .

Data from Statistics Canada also shows that between 2008 and 2018, the number of applicants for Post-Graduation Work Permits increased from 10,300 per year to 64,700.

Why so many people come to Canada to Study

3. Springboard for studying abroad

Applicants who are studying in Canadian high schools and undergraduates can apply to top universities in the United States as international students. Compared with domestic ordinary universities or even universities, graduates of Canadian schools have more gold content in terms of GPA.

This is not to say that the quality of education in Chinese universities is not high. Rather, the admissions officers of American universities are more familiar with the education situation of Canadian schools than unfamiliar Chinese universities.

Therefore, due to the influence of the cost of studying and the preference of studying abroad, Canada can also be used as a stepping stone for further study in the future, and apply for top universities in the United States.

4. Open work visa policy

Compared with other mainstream study abroad countries in the world, Canada has a simpler graduate work visa policy.

All international students who graduate from designated educational institutions in Canada can apply for a 1-3-year work visa according to the length of their schooling.

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