[2023] Study in Canada for FREE or on a LOW Budget!

Study in Canada For Free? you’re right! Canada has a great education system! Follow these simple guidelines learn how to study in Canada for free!

Do you know which is one of the best destinations for higher education? Study in Canada crossed your mind? You’re right!

Canada has a great education system, a welcoming community, and tons of job opportunities for international students. But studying here can be an expensive affair. Unless you follow these simple guidelines and learn how to study in Canada for free!

Canada is quickly rising to become the best destination for studying abroad. It is more affordable than other English-speaking countries, offers amazing job opportunities to graduates, and is very student-friendly.

The universities in Canada are top-notch and rank amongst some of the best institutes in the world. Lastly, the country promises a good quality of life. What’s more, you can study in Canada for free or on a very low budget. Read this blog to find out how.

Study in Canada for Free or on Low Budget

How to Study in Canada for Free?

Talking realistically, Canada does not offer free college education. However, there are various ways to reduce the cost of studying in Canada. The first thing you need to do is reduce your spending and increase your income. The good news is you can easily find a well-paying part-time job in Canada.

Here, we share some tips that will help you keep your study in Canada on a low-budget:

  • Try to enroll in a cheap or a tuition-free university (we will discuss this in detail in the next section).
  • Cook your own meals instead of eating out every day.
  • Shop at second-hand stores. You can find a lot of quality stuff at these establishments at significantly lower price points.
  • Don’t give in to the peer pressure of buying things and memberships (like gym, salsa, etc.) that can upset your budget.
  • Commute on foot as much as possible.
  • Use student discounts whenever and wherever you can.

5 Low-Cost Canadian Universities for Bachelor’s Programs

No matter how many cost-saving measures you take, the overall cost of studying in Canada will only go down if you are able to get enrolled in a university with a low tuition fee. Here, we are listing down five universities that have very affordable bachelor’s programs for international students.

1. Brandon University

Located in Manitoba, Brandon University is considered as one of the favorite places for international students. The university is known for catering to foreign students with extra care.

They get research opportunities under the direct supervision of professors. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in a lot of disciplines, including arts, science, business administration, and finance.

You will have to deposit around 27,000 USD in the first year. This amount includes full-time tuition fees, residency charges, meals, books and courses, and health insurance.

Study in Canada for Free or Low Budget

2. University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is not the cheapest Canadian universities on this list. However, their Ivy League standards justify their fee. Considered to be amongst the top-quality institutes in Canada, this university can still be considered an affordable option.

The University of Guelph comprises five colleges, each offering bachelor’s degrees to international students.

These colleges represent the disciplines of biological sciences, engineering & physical sciences, business & economics, art, and social & applied human sciences. The full-time annual tuition fees at the University of Guelph start from 18,000 USD for international students.

Study in Canada for Free or Low Budget

3. Canadian Mennonite University

We are starting our list with Canadian Mennonite University (CMU). It offers a true international student-friendly package in every sense. Whether it’s courses or fee structure, many international students will find CMU a very reasonable place.
The university offers 21 majors in its three and four-year bachelor’s programs. International students have to pay 12583 USD per year for their full-time enrollment. This amount includes tuition fee, full meal plan, dormitory use, and health insurance.

Study in Canada for Free or Low Budget

4. Université de Saint-Boniface

If you can speak and write French, you can consider getting enrolled in this French university. Located in the suburbs of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) is affiliated with the University of Manitoba. Students completing their bachelor’s program in USB can pursue a master’s degree at the University of Manitoba.

USB is currently offering courses in social sciences, arts, science, business and education, translation, and nursing. For international students, the annual tuition fee is around 7,500 USD.

Study in Canada for Free or Low Budget

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) is popular among international students for the dozens of bachelor’s degrees and diploma programs it offers. The university is quite welcoming for the international students and has established a separate division for them. This division takes care of student advising, problem resolution, and group activities.

MUN is among the cheapest Canadian universities. Its full-time tuition fee for every program lingers around 7,000 USD.

Study in Canada for Free or on Low Budget

5 Low-Cost Canadian Universities for Master’s Programs

If you are doing a part-time job in Canada and want to pursue a Master’s degree there, have a look at these options. You’ll find out that it is affordable and worth it!

1. University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC is known for its teaching, research, energy initiative, and day-to-day sustainability. The university offers a master’s program in various disciplines, including business administration, science, education, nursing, and social work. You can also carry on your master’s program into a doctorate.

The university charges international students an average fee of around 4441 USD per semester.

Study in Canada Free or Low Budget

2. Simon Fraser University

The university has deep roots in partner communities around the world. Another option for international students to complete their master’s degree is Simon Fraser. The university is located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

It offers master’s programs in arts & social sciences, applied sciences, art & technology, business communication, and health sciences. As an international student, you will have to pay around 4,000 USD for a one-year program.

Study in Canada Free or Low Budget

3. Memorial University of Newfoundland

This is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary university dedicated to creativity, innovation, and excellence. MUN also offers master’s programs to international students at reasonable fees.

You can enroll in fields like social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences as you pursue your master’s degree. You can complete the entire 1-year master’s program for just 5,000 USD.

Study in Canada Free or Low Budget

4. University of Calgary

At University of Calgary, you can experience the rewards of collaborating across fields. The University of Calgary is also a good option for students who have decided to complete their doctorate.

The university offers a course-based based master’s degree that eventually leads to various doctorate programs. The thesis-based master’s degree from the University of Calgary can cost around 20,000 USD.

Study in Canada Free or Low Budget

5. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan ranks first in Canada and 20th in the world for water resources research. If you want to pursue your career in medical research, the University of Saskatchewan is an option worth considering.

Overall, it offers around 80 master and doctorate programs, and all at a reasonable tuition fee. International students can complete their master’s degrees from this university in under 5,000 USD.

Study in Canada Free or Low Budget


  • If you want to study in Canada for free, you can either opt for a university with low tuition fees or get a part-time job.
  • Another way to reduce your expenses is by getting a scholarship.
  • There are several organizations and institutes that offer different types of scholarships to international students.

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