Study abroad in Canada

Canada has an excellent education system. In the World University Rankings 2023 provided by The Times Higher Education, 3 universities in Canada ranked in the top 50: University of Toronto (rank 19), University of British Columbia (rank 40), and McGill University (rank 46) 

Besides the highest education standard, there are various advantages to study abroad in Canada. Firstly, Canada is a multicultural country, so it is comfortable for international students to stay in Canada. Secondary, Canada is relatively a safe country. Thirdly, Canada has great nature to enjoy.   

Not only just studying, but you can also work while you are studying! 

This page will show you the study opportunities that Canada offers. 

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To study in Canada for more than 6 months, you must obtain a Study Permit. When you apply for a Study Permit, it is better to consult with a professional. Canada Shaws Consulting has Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) team. We can suggest you the best study plan and visa advice. Please try our free consultation. 

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You can enter a university or college in Canada by submitting your high school transcript and proof of language proficiency. If you aim for a top-level university, you are asked to submit additional documents.

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Study and Work

While you study at a university or college, you can work part time (up to 20 hours per week). It is called off campus work. You have to keep studying full time to work off campus. If you concern your budget, study and work in Canada is a great option!

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Co-op Programs

Some university or college offers Co-op programs. In Co-op programs, work is an essential part of the program, and during the Co-op period, you can work full time.  

You need to obtain a Co-op Work Permit while your Co-op period.

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Public or Private Schools

In Canada, colleges are roughly divided by public and private. “Public” sounds cheaper but in reality, the tuition for public colleges is more expensive than that of private colleges. 

The advantage of public college is that you can obtain a Post Graduation Work Permit up to 3 years after your graduation. 

Private colleges are also called Career Colleges. These colleges are specialized in work-related study and a lot of private colleges offer Co-op programs. 

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You can study English at ESL schools. Canada is the best place to study English because English spoken in Canada is very clear and easy to understand.  

You need to obtain a Study Permit when you study for more than 6 months. 

Unlike university or college, while you are studying at ESL schools, you are not allowed to work at all. 

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The younger you are, the easier you acquire new languages and fit in new environment. To study at high school, junior high school or elementary school increases your (or your children’s) chance of success. 

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Free Public School

If you have a valid Work Permit or Study Permit (for public college or university), you can send your children to public high school, junior high school, or elementary school. 

Study abroad for children requires detailed plan and it takes long time. Canada Shaws Consulting has experienced educational consultants. Let’s start this project with our free consultation. 

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Canada is one of the best countries to study. If you have your concerns in “what to study”, “your budget”, or “visas”, please try our free consultation!  

Canada Shaws Consulting will help you select school and program, visa process, and your life in Canada. 

Get Free Education Consultation

Canada Shaws Consulting has certified immigration consultants who can take care of any immigration application. Of course, study and work permits are the most common ones, but we can also support you with LMIA processes, the Provincial Nominee Programs, Express Entry and any kind of immigration application you may qualify for.

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