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As most of us have known, colleges in Canada are divided into two categories which are: Private colleges and Public colleges. This article mainly explains about private college category.

What is Private College?

Private colleges in Canada is an education institution where the major or most part of its management and services are owned and run by private (non-government related). However, in some cases there are also several private colleges which are subsidized by the Government of Canada as well.

Studying in a Private Colleges is every bit worth your money and time. However, it depends on what your career goals are.

By studying in Private College in Canada, students can expect more focused and course-specific education in private colleges

Canada has some of the best and affordable private colleges in the world. These colleges are evenly situated in provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Individuals can earn such certification and/or diploma degrees by enrolling in their courses.

Study in Private Colleges in Canada

How Does Private College in Canada Work?

Private colleges in Canada do not receive funding from the federal or their provincial governments, however, they rely solely on tuition fees to operate.

Some private colleges offer a specific or unique program that allows student to study and also work in Canada, often known as a co-op program. Co-op program is more known of its legacy within the private colleges in Canada.

How some private college work is that they offer student with such experience where actually also gives extra benefits to the students and may even open up brighter future not only for local students but also international students who come to Canada to study, and have a purpose to work and live or immigrate to Canada.

Things to Consider When Choosing Private College in Canada

Choosing a private college to pursue your study may need some considerations especially in terms of its benefits that is highly related with the future, career prospect and also student’s end-goal.

An academic degree is considered as one of the most important decisions of a student’s life. This is also because determining a place of study can impact job prospects and professional growth.

Study in Private Colleges in Canada


There are some key advantages of why studying in private colleges in Canada is the right choice.

Turns out, it is highly beneficial not only to local Canadian students but also to International students who want to come to Canada to study and to those who also have a prospect or goal to work and live in Canada.

The advantages of studying in Private College in Canada are:

  • Co-op Program opportunities (Work While Studying)
  • Getting accepted to private college in Canada is relatively easy and simpler in terms of admission process and duration.
  • Tuition fees of Private colleges in Canada are relatively cheaper than other developed countries such as: The US.
  • Interaction, services and process are relatively more convenient, flexible and tolerant.
  • Private colleges in Canada boast tight-knit, student-centered communities.
  • You’re less likely to get lost in the crowd.
  • They usually have smaller student-to-teacher ratios.
  • It can be easier to build networking relationships.
  • Private institutions possess well-equipped labs and modern technology
  • Good quality infrastructure such as the latest technological innovations urge people to choose private colleges when studying research-based courses

Co-op Program Opportunity

What is a Co-op Program? In Canada, Co-op is also known as a co-operative education. It combines your school studies with an official paid work term. 

Also, such experiences is counted towards future immigration purposes to Canada. Ultimately, you may gain valuable experience in a career you are interested in while studying for your degree/certificates and also getting paid! 

During Co-op placement, students will have chances to show their bests to the company for future permanent job opportunity by gaining the company’s trust. It may lead to work visa / LMIA sponsorship, and to the Permanent Residency.


Aside of advantages that we have known, there are also several disadvantages of going to Private college in Canada. This comes out as part of our consideration and consequences we need to take. The disadvantages of studying in Private College in Canada are:

  • In Canada, there are less private colleges compared to public colleges that offer a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for their recent graduates. However, there are still some private colleges that may offer PGWP depending on the major of study as well as the school-government cooperation.
  • Less prestige in terms of reputation compared to public colleges in Canada which has higher reputation.

Then, How Can I Immigrate to Canada without PGWP?

Good News! Even without a PGWP, you can get a job and become Canadian Permanent Resident easily.

As we have discussed about Co-op opportunity in above section, we can also give you a true story of how most people immigrate to Canada through this pathway as follow:

There is one of our clients who wants to go out from his country and did a comparison of which country he should go to. He chooses Canada because it is the world best number 3 country in overall (according to U.S. News) with one of the finest living quality in the world. Moreover, he considers the method which he thinks is the easiest to get a job but also immigrating. Since Canada needs more people, and there are a lot of job opportunities, he came to our company and did a consultation.

Our Company, Canada Shaws Consulting Inc. offers him a program whereas he can eventually start working while studying. Canada Shaws Consulting Inc. has  cooperation with a lot of private colleges across Canada which offers co-op program and job placement for students while studying. Eventually, he was accepted in one of private colleges in Canada that offers a co-op program which was only a two (2) years duration.

We encouraged him to pursue his study and co-op program well. In the end of his study, he successfully convinced the company by showing his good work ethics and good academic scores. He eventually got an LMIA offer from the co-op company he worked in. Such LMIA sponsorship from company allows him to apply for a permanent resident! Now, he is a permanent resident of Canada and working in a specific field that he is interested in.

So, is it worth by going to Private College rather than Public?

Of Course! Going to Public college is eventually more suitable for those who prefer a career in more academic way such as: Managerial, engineering, or such office works.

There are a lot of private colleges in Canada that become the main choice for those who are more interested in hands-on career goal. Nonetheless, a job placement while studying!

Many people wants to pursue a specific field of work or occupation which they are really interested in. Such as: Chef or Cook, Flight Attendant, Airline Pilot, Technician, Barista, and many other hands-on/skilled working occupation. Such that, these programs are mostly only offered by private colleges in Canada.

Preference depends on each student on how they would like to pursue their studies and career life. Both Public and Private college has their own path to success with the similar end-goal.

So, How to Apply?

In general, applying to come to Canada for study requires several steps that must be complied.

Canada Shaws Consulting Inc. provides you with the step-by-step procedure below based on the majority of the cases or applications we have accomplished so far. Please follow the step below:

  1. Create an account on the school’s website
  2. Pick your program of choice, and upload the required documents provided by the school’s requests
  3. Pay the application fee of the school application
  4. Submit your application
  5. Pay your tuition fee and get the receipt or invoice
  6. Receive the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which is required for the study visa application
  7. Apply for your VISA/Study Permit.
  8. After your visa has been approved, scan and upload it to the school’s platform or send it to their representatives (Follow their instructions).

Some Private Colleges in Canada

There are many private colleges in Canada which also have a good reputation and its education level is recognized worldwide. Here is the list of well-known private colleges in Canada:

Study in Private Colleges in Canada

Common Field of Study for Private Colleges in Canada

In Canada, there are some common field of studies offered by Public Colleges where either most international or domestic students are going to. Those fields are:

  1. Automotive Repair and/or Design
  2. Maintenance Engineering Technician
  3. Flight Training (Pilot)
  4. Flight Attendant Training
  5. Hospitality
  6. And many more with most “hands-on” experience / Career

Required Documents for Application

Applying for Public colleges in Canada may require some general documents. Each of the public schools have their own specific requested documents. It is strongly suggested to review the required documents on your school’s website. Canada Shaws Consulting Inc. only provide this list for Reference Only:

  1. A Passport
  2. Highest Academic Notarized Transcripts and Graduation Diploma / Degree
  3. English proficiency documents (IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/CELPIP/CLB/etc.) or Prepare for College In-house English Entrance Exam
  4. Resume or CV

Optional: Letter of Intent or Personal Statement may be required

Kindly note that: The documents mentioned above are only for reference ONLY. Specific required documents (Such as: Letter of Intent, Portfolio, etc.) may be needed and should refer to your own school.


Studying in a Private college in Canada is a good choice and eventually a good opportunity for those who are looking for specific career opportunities in Canada!

Although there are less private colleges in Canada that offers PGWP, choosing the private colleges that have a co-op program may help the student to get a work sponsor opportunity from the employer after their completion of studies. Again, this depends on the performance of the students.

Canada has been one of the best countries in the world to pursue education, aside of its stability, Canada economic has been growing rapidly and has always maintained the status of a developed country.

With numerous advantages listed in this article, studying in Private College in Canada surely grants students with best Canadian experience where dreams will come true.


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