Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

CELPIP vs IELTS Which is Easier

CELPIP Vs IELTS Which one is Easier

CELPIP vs. IELTS, Which is Easier? Questions may arise as determining CELPIP and IELTS will be a crucial decision, especially for immigration application purposes. As for immigration Canada, we know that the higher score we get, the higher the immigration…

[2023] All About Public Colleges – Canada

Study in Public Colleges in Canada

According to the Canadian education system, colleges in Canada are divided into two categories which are Private colleges and Public colleges. In this article, general and detailed discussion are mainly focused on public category. What is Public College? Public colleges in Canada is…

[2023] All About Private Colleges – Canada

Study in Private Colleges in Canada

As most of us have known, colleges in Canada are divided into two categories which are: Private colleges and Public colleges. This article mainly explains about private college category. What is Private College? Private colleges in Canada is an education institution…