[2023] Study English as Second Language (ESL) – Canada

Study English in Canada is everyone's dream. Canada as an English Speaking country brings a lot of good experience to students who want to pursue english studies

Study English in Canada

Learning English is a very important thing to do as we know that English is the universal language to be used all around the world.

Having a chance to Study English in an English speaking country like Canada will give you the best experience as you will not only be learning in a classroom but also in your daily life when you are living here.

Aside from Canada’s good reputation, its diversity brings comfort and eventually boosts the motivation of the students in that they can learn and maximize their skills during their studies here in Canada.

What is ESL Program?

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. ESL programs are coursework designed to help students who are looking to learn English as their second, third, or in some cases, fourth language. These programs hire teachers that are often bilingual who are there to help students to develop their listening, reading, reading, and writing skills.

Many schools, from pre-kindergarten to high school, from colleges and universities to private institutions, have ESL programs.

Eligible students — those that do not speak English in their homes, international students, and students that genuinely have trouble with English are all welcome at most campuses.

Study English in Canada

How does ESL Program Work?

ESL is taught as a language subject with the aim of encouraging students to be able to communicate with people from all around the world. Students will be able to express themselves in English and speak and write in this second language.

ESL classes will focus on vocabulary and grammar in both spoken and written forms, as well as pronunciation and intonation. In modern-day classrooms, there is more emphasis on ‘real-life’ language and the kinds of phrases we use in different situations, from meeting friends to writing formal letters.

ESL program is often offered as a pre-requisite course prior the admission to a program (Diploma/Bachelor/Etc.) of an institution. Such the applicants who are coming from a non-English speaking country can obtain their English proficiency requirements from such ESL program.

In my opinion, taking an ESL program and obtaining proof of English proficiency is more effective and efficient rather than starting learning English from zero and taking an English proficiency test such as IELTS/TOEFL/CELPIP/etc.

Why Study ESL?

As mentioned above on how does ESL work, eventually there are some benefits for those who study ESL as below.

  1. Business and Career Advancement Learning English allows people to have the best chance at business and career success.
  2. University Admission Universities in many countries often require a minimum score on the IELTS. Like many other standardized tests, the IELTS gets easier with the right practice and guidance. ESL program also often leads to college pathway entrance where students will obtain certificates upon the completion of the ESL program which then can be used as proof of English proficiency.
  3. Travel With so many countries where English is an official language and many more where it is widely used, learning English is one of the best ways to prepare for your next trip abroad. This is especially true if you plan to travel to more than one country.
  4. Communicate with friends and families Who doesn’t like meeting new people? It’s one of the best things about travelling or life in general. But sometimes, there is a language barrier and it can be difficult to communicate. So many people will study English so they can more easily communicate with new people.
  5. Learning Learning a second language can improve your skills and value! Knowing more than one language absolutely gives you benefits not only in your daily life but also career life!

Study English in Canada

Things to Consider when Choosing an ESL Program

In-person vs virtual: In 2020, there has been a growing number of virtual ESL programs. Are they worth it? Well, virtual learning has many benefits such as flexibility, number of choices, and affordability. However, some students will still choose an in-person program because of the desire for a new experience, and social interaction.

Which country? If you want to study abroad, try to make a list of possible countries. Then write the pros and cons for each country such as activities, cost, how that country might relate to your goals and so on. This should help you to narrow down your choices.

Homestay or dorm? We mentioned the benefits of a homestay being that you can practice English while learning about another culture. There is also the benefit that your homestay family might know a lot more about the local area and can introduce you to more unique experiences. In a dorm, however, you’ll be around more people and can make more friends. A dorm stay might also provide you a little more privacy, which can be a pro or a con.

Visa Preparation: For students wishing to study in Canada, Canada Shaws Consulting has all information needed for student visas.

Please see this article for detailed information on Study Visas.

What is Canadian Study Visa (Study Permit)?
What is Canadian Study Visa (Study Permit)?
You need to have a Study Visa (Study Permit) to study in Canada. This article explains what Study Permit is and how to apply for Study Permit.

Some Institutions That Provide ESL Program

Almost every campus or institution offers ESL program. There are various ESL programs offered in many institutions in Canada such as: English as Academic Purposes (EAP), Foundation English, College or University Pathway English, Pre-Academic, IELTS Preparation, and many more.

Here is the list of institutions in Canada that offer ESL Programs: 

Study English in Canada


ESL learning is necessary for some students who are not able to achieve the minimum language requirements to enter a college or university in Canada.

ESL program is sometimes offered by the colleges/universities themselves. However, there are also a wide organization such as ILAC or ILSC which credentials are able to be used as a proof of English proficiency prior applying to several colleges/universities in Canada.

Finally, we have covered the definition of ESL, the reasons and benefits of studying ESL and things to consider when looking for a program. Canada Shaws is ready to help you with you reach your goals related to ESL.

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